20When individuals find themselves in financial difficulty it can be overwhelming.  The phone calls from debt collectors are relentless.  The court notices and garnishments can make an individual feel like there is no way out.  With many individuals upside down on their mortgages and behind on their payments the traditional concept of consolidating debt through a mortgage refinance is often out of the question.  Families begin to feel like their life will never be the same.  They are wrong.  With the help of an experienced attorney, there is a way back to financial security.


Second Chance Legal Services is dedicated to bringing high quality legal services to America’s middle class families.  It is important for individuals to understand that while they are entitled to represent themselves in court, they put themselves at a disadvantage when they do so.  At Second Chance we strive to ensure that individuals can afford the same quality of attorney as their mortgage companies have retained.


Second Chance Legal Services works with individuals to evaluate their financial situation in order to determine the best solutions to their problems.  After a thourough evaluation Second Chance is able to offer their clients a choice between different alternative solutions and help them way the pros and cons of each of their options.  By offering a choice between Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Debt Negotiation, Loan Modification and other individually tailored solutions, Second Chance is able to help their clients solve their problems and get a fresh start on their bright future.


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